Washable Cotton Fabric Sheep Cashmere(Fine Wool) Filling Quilt Machine

Washable Cotton Fabric Sheep Cashmere(Fine Wool) Filling Quilt Machine

Everyday when you drag your exhausted body after getting off work,you must be eager for a comfortable bedding to relax. So LAN'S wool quilt will help you making good sleep.We use 80S high density cotton fabric and 100% mercerized fine wool as filling.The wool whose character is similar as cashmere, is called”fine wool”. In China, it is also named as “Sheep cashmere”.  Fine wool is the nobility of wool category. It has a good warmth, constant temperature and humidity, natural resilience, but also has a natural fire-retardant, antibacterial, easy to care.After mercerized, environmentally friendly washing sterilization treatment process, it becomes more clean, no smell, healthy, slim, softer, silky, and can be machine washable. So its performance is close to cashmere, but much cheaper than cashmere. it will be the first choice for high-end bedding. Especially for old man and children.

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郎氏.png   LAN’S Cashmerino Quilt use highest grade fine wool which we called "cashmerino" or "sheep cashmere".  With high grade environmental protection washing and high-temperature sterilization, we get sanitary and cleaner sheep cashmere wool for quilts. Matched with high grade 100% cotton satin drill jacquard fabric, after layering for many times and pinpricking stereotypes with special equipments, we make the finished products with the most advanced quilting computer and handmade stereo serging. The whole quilt is soft and fluffy and with good permeability and heat preservation. And it is designed for people of all ages. The quilts have the function of keeping temperature and humidity and improving the quality of sleep and increase the time of your deep sleep. As a result, it’s the best choice of improving the sleep quality and enjoying a healthy sleep.

Key Features:

(1)100% washable sheep cashmere(fine wool) with Woolmark and Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificates.

(2) Fabric: 100% cotton satin printed

(3)Weight : 400gsm for winter

(4)Packaging : common PVC bag or as customers demands

(5)Edge : single needle shell+siliver piping





LAN`S – Quality you can see and feel.


What is sheep cashmere?


sheep cashmere is obtained from sheep who live on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.Only in this cold northernmost part of China can this fleece be grown.The fleece is grown in Winter to help keep the sheep warm and as such is finer and softer than most Merino wools.


Cashmerino has exceptional qualities of moisture absorption and warmth.


It is Hypoallergenic and without odour.


Its characteristics are the same as Cashmere but it is less expensive.  



Why choose LAN`S Wool Quilt?


We are experts in wool with 30 years experience.


We have high standards of animal welfare and control of the whole chain from farm to finished product.


We have perfected the process of washable wool to provide the very best quality.


Health comes from Nature – we use only natural wool without any additives.


LAN`S only uses the highest quality wools through selection,dust removal,washing and advanced technology disinfection. Special deep processing removes any wool odour.


The wool is washed twice and then sorted as to its suitability for different quilts.




LAN`S Home Textile respects fundemental natural and healthy sleep,advocating “ Health

from Nature”.

We commit ourselves to leading the new trend for a natural home by the development of 

modern design innovation.

LAN`S has been engaged in the wool industry for over 30 years and we are devoted to 

providing our customers with healthier products to promote a better life.

LAN`S Home Textile is a professional home textile manufacturer specialising in wool,Australian 

Merino,Cashmere and Camel hair quilts with a strong scientific research facility based in 

Nantong,Jiangsu Province.

LAN'S Mixture Wool Quilt Process:


Mainly we have 6 kinds of techniques for your choice:

1. Binding finish

2. Hand overlocked

3. Tridimentional cover

4. Single stitching with piping

5. Double stitiching with piping

6. 2 in 1 quilt (two quilts together, one thin quilt and one thick quilt)



The features of sheep cashmere (fine wool):



The most important thing you should learn: 

To achieve the washable function, the most important thing is the wool mercerizing treatment. You know wool fiber outside is scalies layer. After washing, the wool will shrink and stick together because of the rough scales.The treatment method on abroad is to add a layer of resin on the wool,so that the wool surface becomes smooth.But the resin will fall off over time.I think this way also contrary to the principles of nature.

Our company has studied it for about 20 years, after repeated trial,now we have another good method. We adopt mercerizing tech to remove the scaly.

LAN'S wool processing:




Welcome to buy the washable cotton fabric sheep cashmere(fine wool) filling quilt machine with our factory. Known as one of the leading China natural & healthy bedding manufacturers and suppliers, we will also satisfy your customized requirement. Come and get the free sample with us now.
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