Wool Is Maintenance

- Apr 17, 2017-

In the process of using and maintenance

1. From the packaging, in the sunny air 2-3 hours, and pat the quilt, quilt will restore elasticity.

2. Please add a quilt cover material, such as sunny timing and interval of a week or so in dry. At 10:00 am to 3 PM shade is the best, and the air is 2 hours.

After use, and maintenance

1. The deposit before, in the sunny air 4-5 hours, avoid to quilt cool again after folding.

2. Put 2-3 grain pest in fleece, coat after a plastic bags sealing, please placed in a dry place.

3. The quilt, when stored in the above weight of avoid by all means.

Wool is fluffy and soft, moisture absorption. Wool bed is tasted can also lead to more than 25% of the deep sleep time, maintain smooth slow heart rate, sleep comfortably.