High Quality Wool Duvet Brings Good Quality Of Life

- Oct 26, 2017-

High quality wool duvet brings good quality of life

1. Increase the depth of sleep: According to authoritative institutions experiments show that cashmere bed products can make people's deep sleep time increased by more than 25%, keep the heart rate is slow and smooth, and can be very close to the skin.

2. Moisture dry, warm in winter and cool in summer: The body will remove a lot of moisture during sleep, the unique molecular structure of cashmere can be sucked into the hollow structure of water vapor, cashmere can absorb more than 35% of its weight of water vapor and moist, and quickly ruled out, so you can keep warm in cold dry, can also cool hot.

3. Fluffy and soft, does not harden: Natural elasticity with at least 40% cashmere, cashmere is more than after compression can be restored to 90% of the original thickness, thereby maintaining the fluffy and soft, does not harden.

4. Natural flame retardant, safe and reliable: Cashmere is not easy to ignite, burning is not easy to release a lot of heat, no open flame, no melting, and resistance to severe burning, so very safe.

5. Dust resistance, antibacterial anti mite: Hygroscopic cashmere is strong, not easy to produce static electricity, dust and dirt is not easy to be attached, in the water vapor is released to the outside before their water absorption fiber, reduce the life cycle of insects and mites, so is very suitable for cashmere baby, asthma, rheumatic patients and the elderly.