What matters needing attention when buying mattess?

- Apr 18, 2017-

1. Look mattress quality from the product label

Whether coir mattress, spring cushion, authentic mattress pads, have on the product label name, registered trademark, manufacturing company name, address, phone number, some still have qualification and credit CARDS. The producer name and address and that sells on the market a registered trademark of mattresses are the vast majority of inferior quality, low price and inferior products.

2. From the fabric judge mattess quality workmanship

At high quality mattress fabric connecting elastic, there is no obvious folds, no floating line, jump line; Hemming, four corners circular symmetry, no burrs phenomenon, dental floss and flat. Pressure mattress in its hands, no internal friction, and crisp, comfortable feel. Inferior often quilted mattress fabric tightness, floating line, jump line, hemming, the four arc owe symmetry, dental floss is not flat.