The principle of wool mercerized tech

- Jan 22, 2018-

The principle of mercerized tech

      LAN'S has a special wool washing technology. In order to avoid damaging wool fiber by carbonization process. (You know wool is animal protein fiber like human hair which is not afraid of acid. But the grass thorn will disappear when contacting with strong acids. According to this principle of chemical reaction,people deal with original dirty wool, and then use strong alkali to neutral acid.This treatment is widely used on abroad. No doubt, the fiber will become weak, easy broken off. It also has a bad effect on the resilience and curvature propertirs. )

      After washing the wool five times to remove impurities, the grass thorns will be removed with 30 times carding.To achieve the washable function, the most important thing is the wool mercerizing treatment. You know wool fiber outside is scales layer. After washing, the wool will shrink and stick together because of the rough scales.The treatment method on abroad is to add a layer of resin on the wool,so that the wool surface becomes smooth.But the constant temperature and humidity features will disappear. Whats more,the resin will fall off over time.I think this way also contrary to the principles of nature.

      Our company has studied it for about 20 years, after repeated trial,now we have another good method. We adopt mercerizing tech to remove the scaly.After that, the wool will be silky,fluffy and more clean.



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