The mattress maintenance skills

- Apr 18, 2017-

Spring in the surrounding edge have vent, when using do not tighten the sheets, mattress, lest will vent closed, causing mattress air circulation, breeding ground for germs, mattress maintenance skills you have to understand that, to maintain household environment health.

1, turn on a regular basis. Used in buying new mattress, the first year of positive and negative, about every two to three months or at the foot of the head turn over time, make the spring mattess gets power average, after about flip once every six months.

2, with a better quality of sheets, not only absorb sweat, can also keep the cloth clean.

3, keep clean. Regular cleaner to clean the mattress, but there is no water or detergent washing directly. At the same time avoid immediately after a bath or sweat to lie down on it, more do not use electrical appliances or smoking in bed.

4, don't often sat on the edge of the bed, because the mattress four Angle are the most vulnerable, sit on the edge of the bed for a long time, easy to make the edge damage of spring.

5, don't jump on the bed, in order to avoid a single point stress ambassador spring is damaged.

6, take out when using plastic bags, in order to keep the environment ventilated dry, avoid mattress be affected with damp be affected with damp. Do not let the mattress exposure for too long, make the fabric bleaching.