How to evaluate the mattress

- Apr 18, 2017-

The general requirements of the mattress is beautiful appearance, surface smooth, dry and breathable, moderate thickness, not easy to deformation, durability, easy maintenance, etc. And professional evaluation criteria of mattress from the mattress and functional safety, comfort, the use of perspective. Affect mattess functional factors include stability, the fixity, weight, cushion and friction between the pads set of characteristics, thickness, appearance, durability and keep features; Factors that affect the mattress comfort include: stress distribution and shear force/friction stability, humidity, temperature, etc.; Factors that affect the mattress use security includes: mattress pressure distribution, stability, shear force/friction force, temperature, humidity, durability, infection control, mites kill, cleaning, flame retardant, etc.

In addition, the density of the mattress material requirements, hardness, resilience, coating, breathable thermal resistance, waterproof. To produce mattress to satisfy the users feel, maximum allowable contact interface, posture, stress ability to move, skin conditions, such as after-sales service consumption demand directly.