How is the wool cut off

- Sep 30, 2017-

1, in order to prevent hair loss such a problem, we have to pay attention to the purchase of wool when two points.

The first point: the purchase should pay attention to whether the country that the quality of the manufacturers and manufacturers to determine the quality, to carefully check the marked cashmere content, check whether there is a certificate stickers.

The second point: it is recommended that you buy the best to the professional store to buy, buy, please note that the cashmere filling feel is smooth, whether flexible, hand test when the grip of the wool was checked after the release of natural recovery The original state.

2, if the purchase of wool has been the phenomenon of hair loss, most likely because the quality of fabric is not good enough. Fabric is not tight enough to do. If not very serious quality problems, it is recommended that you re-replaced the quilt, buy high-woven high-density quilt. If the hair loss is serious, please go to the buyer where the consultation request for replacement.

3, in order to prevent the hair was hair loss, please be sure to buy in the regular manufacturers or stores. Please also pay attention to the matters mentioned above, but also the right to maintain the wool was, to avoid exposure or forced to beat the wool was. If it is quality problems hair loss must maintain their own interests, ask the merchant Returns.

4, plus quilt cover. If there is a slight phenomenon of hair loss, it did not matter much, then you can add a layer of high density quilt. This may be the fabric of the problem, there may be wool is not good enough problem.

5, change quilts. If the wool is hair loss is out of the powerful, and you are tired, then you can change the other quilt, after all, wool is more or less or will be hair loss.